Hotter Than Hot

Here we have Martin (centre) and Howard (right) getting some crane shots of the desert, featuring saguaro cactus, using the Varicam.

(Today's post comes from Gavin Igor Thurston)

Filming is progressing well. The first leg of the trip here in and around Tuscon has given us some nice imagery and behaviour. We were incredibly fortunate to capture the alates emerging and flying from their nest. This only happens once a year usually after rain.

We were there and filmed the 20-minute event with two cameras.

The biggest challenge has been the heat, with temperatures in the non-existent shade reaching 45 degrees celcius. I can tell you that is damn hot, especially in full sun. The equipment gets so hot it burns your hands when packing up and carrying it back to the car. Amazingly the cameras have been holding up wel, whereas we are going lobster coloured.

Tomorrow - off to Phoenix.


xl said...

Be careful guys! Lots of hydration and sunscreen!

ammonite said...

Thank you xl

Madame DeFarge said...

Do the cameras wear sunscreen too? This is far too hot for decent folk to be about doing hard work.

myrmecos said...

You can't see it in this picture, but the ammonite crew maintained a half dozen underage mexican immigrants to fan them with palm fronds. Best way to stay cool under the harsh conditions.