Getting Expert Help

Arriving for night filming; Photo by Alex Wild

With the help of Dr Alex Wild, an Illinois-based biologist and ant expert, we have been able to track down most of the ants, behaviour and locations we needed to film in Arizona.

Alex introduced us to the empty splendour of Sycamore Canyon where we found an amazing density of harvester ants, we watched the ants patrolling their borders, while we in turn were being closely watched by the US border patrol - Sycamore canyon is just 5km from the Mexican border.

Being super-talented, Alex is also a professional photographer and has posted photographs of the filming in Tuscon, he returned to Illinois a couple of days ago and has written about his experience here.

Thanks for all your help Alex


deborah said...

Alex has a nicely done blog. Altho' I'm not "into" ants, still found it a great blog to look over.
I hope the crew has a chance to visit Bisbee - the orginal hippies, now desiccated desert rats, hang out at the coffee shop.

xl said...

Is there a safeguard to prevent bumping Frank's lens into the ground?

myrmecos said...

Thanks for the props, guys!

Deborah- I agree about Bisbee- great spot and just about the best coffee I've had in AZ. It was just a bit too far afield for this filming project, though.

xl- not that I saw. Most of the nests had telltale frank marks by the time we finished with them. I am thinking, however, of patenting a frank-like agricultural device for precision plowing, as the equipment performed brilliantly in that regard.

Anonymous said...

And also best of Luck Guys!
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