Damage Assessment

Yesterday morning, we sent the bushman and his new companion, a trainee Dutch reformist minister (the lawyer had to leave us and get on with his life) to see if they could find the other 4 female lions we've heard about.

Waiting for the lions we already have tabs on to digest their recent meals gives us a bit of semi-down time so we could get on with some vehicle to vehicle filming using the starlight camera and thermal cameras at night. In the daytime we fixed backfiring jalopies and counted the cost of lost/broken items:

1 sennheiser microphone is hanging in a bush somewhere in the thickest thorniest place we have yet visited.

1 new Canon EOS 5d mk2 suffered complete failure after a couple of drips of coffee fell on it (hopefully it’s a one off, and the rest of them are a little more robust – perhaps Canon could send us a replacement?).

1 battery charger which made a loud crack as rain fell through a leaking tent (during the storms),it hasn't worked since.

1 set of iphone headphones which were eaten by mice (no really, even though there is a well stocked kitchen area nearby).

1 burnt out 12 volt fridge which seems to have had 240 volts injected into it.

Never mind. Tonight’s a fresh night with the clearest stars you have ever seen. Shooting stars are two a penny and even if we don’t find the four other females we’ve heard about, the stars and other fascinating nocturnal wildlife will still be spectacular.


xl said...

Will the damaged/eaten items be replaced in the field via your supply lifeline?

ammonite said...

In theory some of them will be. We're putting pressure on Canon to do something about their weedy camera.

Madame DeFarge said...

Aren't you making a mess of the place? You need someone to tidy up after you - advertise for some nice cleaners (who may or may not wear rubber)

ammonite said...

Madame DeFarge - there will be vigorous attempts to remove all debris - if it needs rubber, so be it