Chasing Cars - and Oryx

Last night we found our lion family again, they all did their usual pre-move stretch and yawn before moving towards one of the pans, but the cubs were clearly in a mood for some fun, and chased our car as we drove parallel but 100 metres away from the pacing lionesses up the sandy ridge by the pan.

The cubs hunted without purpose and after about an hour and a half of lopeing vaguely towards animals with the effect of frightening them off into the distance, a chance combination of a curious cub walking towards some oryx, and a well placed female and female cub, gave the oryx a good fast chase – and he was lucky to escape - we were so lucky, this is exactly the kind of behaviour we were after.

Since then, we haven’t seen any lions, we've seen aardwolves, cape foxes, leopards, jackals, eagle owls, porcupines and more, fascinating - but not why we’re here.

Let’s hope today the bushman and the lawyer come back with some news of lions.


xl said...

I hope, as Lulu's illustration shows, that you guys have a closed vehicle. On TV I see lion country safaris conducted from open vehicles. That seems like an hors d'oeuvres tray.

ammonite said...

I've emailed your query xl - tomorrow's post will address vehicle issues. I'll also have access to photos soon which I will put up on the side bar