Night of the Hunt showing in USA

If you haven't already caught it, Night of the Hunt is showing on the National Geographic Channel in the US at the moment - next airing on Sunday.


xl said...

Thanks for the tip! I have set reminders to myself.

savannah said...

very cool! i'll catch it on sunday. xoxo

@xl i was only kidding yesterday! :( xoxo

xl said...


Watched in on a 46-inch HDTV. Amazing work guys!

Will try to catch it again on Thursday at 16:00.

ammonite said...

Xl - glad you enjoyed it.

Sav- if you missed it it seems to be set to show again soon

xl said...

Watched it again this evening with my cats. They picked up some good stalking tips.

ammonite said...

xl - can Lola and RJ catch a hippo yet?