How To Fling Something Far: Plan B

The Crossbow Method:
The crew have arrived and discovered most things ready to go. There is a slight problem in that the trees are still leafy. We expected the dry season to be well under way by now but we are hoping that by the time we start filming the leaves will have detached themselves to give the camera a clear view through the trees to the ground below ... if we can get the cable up...

Some time was spent on catapult-making but that idea didn't really work out.

Luckily, We also took some crossbows with us to Costa Rica, one of the crew had the idea that we could shoot thinnish line across the trees and use that to draw a heavier cable through - this method is showing promise.


xl said...

Hope you're catching all of that action for the "Making Of" film!

Alesa Warcan said...

So I take it you are thinking of numerous "steps" to cover the 500 meters?
This all sounds like grueling fun. ; j

ammonite said...

xl- We now have a dedicated 'making-of' camera person on site, it will become a soap opera.

Alesa - It is indeed being done in many tiny stages and is exhausting, now that the ticks have started the fun has ebbed somewhat!

savannah said...

i'm glad the "making of" is being done! xox