Does My Bum Look Big In This?

The filming crew went back to Kenya three weeks ago and we haven't heard from them since - not so much as a tweet.

We hope the silence means that they are so busy filming exciting things (warthogs eating lions, crocodiles dancing on ice...) that they haven't the time to talk to us. They're supposed to be getting back at the weekend so we'll be posting news of the latest trip when we see the rushes.

Meanwhile the crew that stayed in the office got down to some needle craft - this is Elliot and Laura turning a baby-carrying backback into a computer-carrying backpack for the next field trip.


xl said...

Hey, maybe you guys can start selling a line of custom field-tested expedition gear!

savannah said...

ditto what xl said! i know a camera guy who would be interested! xo

Madame DeFarge said...

I thought you said they all wore bikinis?

ammonite said...

xl and Savannah - now we have such talented in-house designers it does seem to be the way to go doesn't it?

Mme Def - this was taken before the Big Hot