Leopard Family Life

Last night was an absolute highlight of our filming in Sri Lanka so far. We are now on our second leg of night filming leopards and last night we found an adult male, 2 cubs and their mother all taking it in turns to feed on a kill. It was amazing to see this giant male playfully ignore the relentless gnawing of his tail by a very persistent cub.

The males here are some of the largest leopards in the world and absolutely dwarf the adult females let alone foolhardy cubs. But last night we filmed this incredible family share some very rare quality time. It has been observed in the past that males do occasionally socialise with their own cubs but has it ever been filmed? We're not sure, so rather than declare a world first we're just thrilled to have documented such an amazing interaction. We're off filming crocodiles now so best filming trousers, cake safely stowed (and bug spray) and getting loading that night car.

report via: Tom (Cake Boy) Stephens


xl said...

Amazing images. Didn't know that male leopards interacted with their families.

sp "full hardy" = "foolhardy"

ammonite said...

xl - we didn't know that either xl, it's this sort of surprise that makes the job so exciting.

Thanks for heads up on our (il)literacy, we're all too dopey too spell properly.