Tasting the grass

It’s all about grass. The reason the wildebeest are here (the Maasai Mara)
is because of the grass. The combination of soil, grazing patterns and rainfrall
have now carpeted huge areas with short neatly clipped, emerald green
grass, a lawn that any Englishman would be proud of. This is
exactly the kind of nutritious sward that the wildebeest like - and they
are now here in greater numbers than ever.

Do wildebeest like the taste of grass and savour the differences in
flavour between the different species? Do they live for the taste of
fresh, green shoots? Perhaps, but a taste test revealed that our tiny
(compared to a wildebeest) taste and smell receptors can't tell one kind
of grass from another - and that humans aren't really that keen on the taste of


xl said...

Or, perhaps, the crew are on grass!

Madame DeFarge said...

At least you're not pushing peanuts with your noses.

Dee Kwestuner said...


Did you have anything to do with that?

nursemyra said...

Some people liked grass....


ammonite said...

XL - we're always on grass when we're on the plains

Madame DF - there was some pushing of antelope droppings

De Kwestuner -
Yes, we made that film last year - two nominations in he forthcoming Wildscreen wildlife film festival

nursemyra - you mean to eat?

The Director