Ant Filming Preparations - Or How To Turn Pants Into Camera-Stabilising Systems

Sometimes the best solutions to filming problems are lo-tech.

Many pairs of trousers returned from Botswana in a grave state of repair. They have now been transformed into glamorous shorts with additional handy bean bags - to use as ballast and to stabiise the camera, this makes filming little things, low on the ground easier.


Anonymous said...

oh, yes, has the crew filmed in the southern U.S. before?
i would make suggestions for preps but all would be SO minor compared to Africa - the different rattlesnakes, the cottonmouths, the malaria mosquitos, the unassuming Barbeque joints....
i DO suggest NOT drinking the water (i am not kidding), having hand wipes for back up and stopping at any churches offering an all-you-can-eat-fish-fry.
heavy applications of quinine in the form of g&t's are acceptable in most parts of the southern U.S.. however in texas liberal applications of beer, whiskey (spelled with an 'e') and barbeque and some fine mex-tex spicy food will cure or kill the crew.
gosh, i wish we were more accessible! a very very long way from the gulf coast to mid-kansas!

xl said...

Excellent re-purposing!

PS: I bet Bear Grylls would not have thought of that!

Madame DeFarge said...

Are these the burnt ones perchance?

ammonite said...

Deb - we'll make sure the crew eats plenty of Tex-Mex with their whiskey.

xl - We call him Bear Girls - the pussy.

Mme D - No these are one of the many torn-at-the-knee pairs