Bringing It All Back Home

The baggage has come back from Botswana, the cases will need forensic cleaning to ensure that no seeds or bugs become illegal immigrants.

Lion filming will continue in the autumn.
When we've got access to the footage we'll put some up

Meanwhile notes from the field will bring you news of the epic ant filming expedition that starts next week.

This is what the camp breakdown looked like...


xl said...

Why the lion filming break until Autumn?

Looking forward to the lion clips and ant adventure!

ammonite said...

It's a seasonal thing, the best time to film in the Kalahari is during the winter (because it doesn't rain hahaha!), but the best time to film in Kenya (the next part) will be in September - We'll talk more about that when we set off.

savannah said...

wow, do y'all always work that fast? ;~D xoxo

(ditto what xl said re ongoing adventures!)

xl said...

Thanks for the clip. Everyone is running around like their trousers are on fire!

Madame DeFarge said...

I hope they brought you back something tasteful from duty free. They could have squeezed it in somewhere.

ammonite said...

Savannah - everyone at ammonite has to work that fast!

xl - if people don't work fast enough we set their pants on fire

Madame Def - not even a scrap of billtong - Tuh!