The Guppster: More Modifications

After the first dip in the water we realised that a wooden cradle that could hold the Guppster out of the water would make life a lot easier than trying to get it in and out of the boat.

We also realised that we had made this beast far too strong, it was pulling the boat down when in the water. So we have clipped it's wings, making it lighter and less powerful. The latest test went really well, now all we have to do is sort out the camera electronics.

More pics of the Guppster and crew are on Ammonite Film's Facebook page


dinahmow said...

You might find this interesting.Different location, of course, but still related?


ammonite said...

Thanks for the link Dinahmow, we did talk to Mr Gilly about his studies, and hoped to persuade him to join us on a filming trip in Mexico earlier this year, he couldn't make it but two of his students did come with us and were invaluable help.