This is the big one

Dual colour camera sees dolphins on a dark night, lit only by their bioluminescent wakes

Now we’re off to find a giant squid. We’ve been planning and building for almost a year, dreaming for a decade. Are we ready?

Gupster 5 has been designed on the basis of the shortcomings of the previous 4. The cameras have been evolving for years, and the new dual colour system has proved it’s worth in Belize and Mexico - to film things no one has ever filmed before. Now we want it to show us things no one has seen before.

The underwater housings have been depth tested, the deep sea cable communicates with the recording computers. Our boat, the Makaira is waiting in the harbour for us to start rigging the cable support system. We’re as ready as we’ll ever be.

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Anonymous said...

Is there any possible way you can send me a copy of this picture? My husband and I went to the Galapagos Islands for our honeymoon last December. On our last night, dolphins following the bow of the boat were glowing in the biolumnescent phytoplankton, but of course none of our cameras could pick up the low-level light. It is a powerful memory of such a calming and amazing world, especially after the unexpected loss of close family members this past year. We would like to use your picture in our personal photo album of our trip. If you are willing, please email a jpeg to melodio2@aol.com.