Everything Was Going So Well ...

... then disaster struck.

After two nights of everything working smoothly, night cameras gliding above the forest on the cables, maybe we relaxed a little.

At 4am this morning the night crew came back to base needing help to rescue the starlight camera, the electronics had ceased working and the whole camera/dolly caboodle were stuck in a tree at the far end of the cable. We had to get to it and turn it off before dawn or the intensifiers would be damaged.

The turning off was achieved but untangling the mess of wires and machinery was a whole other business involving 6 hours. The pieces have been brought back for fixing and a post-mortem.


xl said...

Are the Camera Boys OK?

ammonite said...

xl - Everyone is fine but very very tired and disheartened

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of all your problems but here's wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Martin

Ken & Patricia