Good News From The Camera Boy

Hey Guys!

2 cables are up and the tower is built like a brick shithouse - I can't make it wobble any more (which is good!). Caught an ocelot on trapcam last night, about 50 metres from dormitories :-) I've attached a pic of cables as requested



xl said...

Well done!

Will there be a camera on each cable?

Gonna trim out the interfering treetops, right?

ammonite said...

Hi xl - the cables will both carry camera dollies.

Yes there has been a bit of trimming to allow the cameras to glide smoothly. By the time filming starts it should be well into the dry season and all the leaves will be gone (that's the theory anyway!)

ammonite said...

We haven't had to take much off - the photo doesn't show the cables properly tensioned so the cables are now raised higher above the trees.

Alesa Warcan said...

And now for the for the obnoxious almost Led Zepelin air guitar riffing, Eyeway in the Heavens. : j
Looks great (the cables, not my air guitar, which looks kinda silly without my air wig)!