First Day

The component arrived - just in time - but the drama didn't abate. Testing the camera when we were supposed to be ready and packed, we breathed a collective sigh of relief when we got the last bag loaded into the car with just one missing wallet between us.

We were barely late getting on the road and as Roger sped us airportward it was looking good right up until the junction before Heathrow where we joined a massive tailback and spent hours at a standstill, there was a panickey trolley dash for Check-in and Customs and the spiral of solder in my bag really did look quite a lot like a bomb fuse in the x-ray machine.

We have now arrived at Yala and today is the day we set up the vehicles; special filming cages and rails have been fitted to a Tata and a Jeep and we are getting busy with cardboard, foam and gaffer tape constructing super-lo-tech housings for our super-hi-tech equipment


savannah said...

ok, now i see where all y'all are (i've been a it distracted). looking forward to hearing about the shoot. stay safe and your film dry...(or lens clean, i'm never quite sure...) xoxo

xl said...

Put some gaffer tape on the tube doors so that the leopards don't get any funny ideas about joining you in the vehicle!

ammonite said...

Savannah - thank you, we are both safe and clean

xl - We have slicked gaffer everywhere - the leopards still want in!

Madame DeFarge said...

Impressed by the super-hi-tech approach to protective housings. Very Blue Peter.

ammonite said...

BP = big influence on ammonite