John Lynch Voices Our Amazing Lion Film

The very handsome John Lynch came to Wounded Buffalo studios in Bristol today so that Ben Peace* could record him doing the voiceover for The Amazing Lion Film.

His gorgeous Irish voice works wonderfully and suddenly this film is looking really real.

*Ben is planning to name his next son Warren


xl said...

Since Wounded Buffalo worked on Curse of the WereRabbit, they're OK in my book!

Poor Warren!

Ange said...

Warren Peace at Wounded Buffalo - sounds like a scene from 'coyboys 'n Indians! ;-)

Madame DeFarge said...

Looking forward to seeing and hearing it.

ammonite said...

xl- Wounded Buffalo do great work - and they're great people.

Ange - doncha just love it when other people's parents have a sense of humour

ammonite said...

Mme Def - We'll keep you informed of the sloooow progress that is getting a film to screen.