Lynch For Lunch

We have nearly finished another two films in our 'Nightstalkers' series.

John Lynch has arrived to record the narration, he whizzed in from London in time for lunch at Ammonite HQ - he is the one wearing a hat. Sitting next to John is Charlie who is spending the week doing work experience with us and Nisha who has joined us as an intern as part of her MA at Imperial College London.

That chap in the white t-shirt is Will, one of our digital maestros. The man behind Will (the one with eyebrows impressive enough to compete with John's) is Robbie, our editor on the bioluminescent film


Media Wurzel said...

That's all well and good but who's the strange bloke with horns looking through the hole in the wall?

ammonite said...

Ah Mr Wurzel - a relation to Mr Gummidge?
The strange bloke looking on is the Head of Ammonite of course