It’s Tuesday, must be Jackson

After a few days travelling I can now tell you for sure that Turkey is a wonderful country but that Dalaman airport is an appalling money grubbing hole of an airport (nescafe about £3.50, disgusting stale bread sandwich about £6) which makes Heathrow’s terminal 1 (Cafe Nero double esspresso £1.70 and toasted mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil panini £3.40) look like a very nice place to relax and wait for your flight. I can also tell you that Chicago O Hare airport is still a confused mess of over zealous security and passport control that somehow lacks the management ability to staff the numerous unused xray machines and border control desks to avoid the whole place being constantly crammed with people standing around in lines trying to go somewhere.

The Masai Mara already seems like ages ago, but finally we’ve had time to asses the results. Amazing. The new starlight camera IS the sharpest, most sensitive image intensified camera ever built. Some movie clips in due course.

Before our departure for the main lion shoot later in October, the biennial Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival is upon us once more, and here I am to meet up with old friends, get some new projects funded as well as cheer on ‘Smalltalk Diaries Changelings’ which is up for ‘best short film’ award tomorrow night - against some stiff competition.


LẌ said...

At it's best Chicago O'Hare is still something to be endured.

Best wishes at the JHWFF!

Anonymous said...

ditto on Chicago and add to that Atlanta....

Enjoy the snow in Jackson while you're there.

Will have to delay my drive to Jackson as the Interstate 80 is having high winds. Will wave at your plane as you head back East...

ammonite said...

Thanks XL your best wishes obviously helped

Deborah, I haven't had the misfortune of visiting Atlanta - but I'm now warned. Snow's gone here and sun is shining. Absolutely beautiful - and will look out for you wave from 34 000 feet.

The Director